Nine Ultimate Events You Can Have On A Boat

Hosting a boat party means taking your celebration to the next level, and it’s not just for birthdays. The possibilities are endless, from business functions to creative shows and family events. Discover the best nine events you can host on the water. 

Birthday parties

Let’s start with the obvious. From a banging 21st to a 50th to remember, any birthday is worth celebrating with harbour vistas and a salty sea breeze. Having your bday on a boat is the most stylish way to celebrate another trip around the sun!


Make yours the wedding of the year by hosting it onboard a floating venue. Shuffling between ceremony, photo locations, and reception all in heels and a white dress? No, thanks. Keep it simple and beautiful by having everything taken care of in one place – not to mention an ever-evolving view.

Engagement Parties

Speaking of marriage, the important milestone of engagement needs to be celebrated with a bang. Bringing your nearest and dearest together for a boat engagement party is one of the classiest ways to celebrate your upcoming wedding. 

Product launches

Make an impression on business associates and potential customers by launching your product with a boat party. Atmosphere creates excitement, and a harbour-side launch is a sure way to build hype around your product.

Christmas Parties

The best part of a southern hemisphere festive season is that it coincides perfectly with party weather. Don’t waste it by celebrating the end of the year cooped up indoors! A boat party is a perfect way to let loose with your Christmas party. 

Corporate Functions

Show appreciation for your staff by organising a corporate function to remember. A boat party – complete with sunshine and the ocean – is the ideal way to create an uplifting atmosphere for your team social event. 

Awards Nights

Acknowledging the best of the best calls for… the best. Hosting an awards night onboard a floating venue provides the perfect atmosphere for those you’re appreciating, no matter which organisation, company, or charity is being celebrated.  

Fashions Shows

A fashion show isn’t just about the clothes – you’re selling a lifestyle, and the atmosphere of a show speaks volumes about a brand. Get the atmosphere right and bring out your style in more ways than just on the models. 

Art Exhibitions

In a creative industry, you need a creative approach to eventing. No ordinary event space will do, and hosting your exhibition on board a boat is a new and exciting way to create excitement.

The list doesn’t stop here – any excuse to get out on the sea and sip champagne as the sunset reflects in the water is a good excuse. If you’ve got something niche in mind, talk to our team today to plan your ultimate event.

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