Moët & Chandon, Launch New Rosé Champagne

Photographer: Ken Butti Moët & Chandon hosted VIP, media and influencers on board The Hamptons yacht to celebrate the launch of the world’s first rosé champagne made to be enjoyed over ice, Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial Rosé. Guests boarded The Hamptons boat from Darling Harbour and enjoyed the vibrant and fruity bouquet of Moët Ice Imperial Rosé champagne and canapes while they sailed across Sydney’s extraordinary harbour. 

Demi Bryant was the DJ for the evening and Moët & Chandon brand manager, Charlotte Guingo led formalities and the #MoetMoment toast. Ice Impérial Rosé is, like Ice Impérial, a modern demonstration of the savoir-faire and contemporary feel of Moët & Chandon, expressed in a new champagne tasting experience that brings together fun and freshness. Guests in cruise mode included Erin Holland, Jade Tunchy and Lachie Brycki, alomg with Abbey Gelmi, Isabel Durant, Holly White, Chloe Barry-Hang, Aaron Favaloro, Viktoria Novak, Steve Cordony and Amber Laidler. 

Above: Abbey Gelmi, Amber Laidler and Caitlin Riminton

Holly Phillips and Bissy Wells

Charlotte Guingo and Abbey Gelmi

Chloe Barry Hang and Will Jacobsen

Erin Holland

Isabel Durant, Harriet Durant, Holly White and Alexandra White

Jade and Yasmin Tunchy

Jade Tunchy and Lachie Brycki

Amber Laidler

Li-Chi Pan and Steve Cordony

Li-Chi Pan and Yasmin Tunchy with guest

Margarita Nazarenko

Matt Suleau

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