Things You Should Consider When Hosting a Great Boat Party

It’s the event of your dreams. A fresh cocktail is paired perfectly with the breezy summer afternoon, watching the sunset on the harbour while your guests laugh, dance, and take photos. Let’s backtrack a bit though because we didn’t get here without some planning first. 

To smoothly transition your vision into a reality, you’ll need to plan in advance. From budget to safety, having a game plan will ensure your party is talked about for all the right reasons and remembered for years to come. Here are the most important factors to consider for an awesome boat party.  

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The Atmosphere and Aesthetic

What kind of vibe is best suited to your type of event? On Hamptons Sydney, you’re already set for a classy nautical aesthetic, but some parties call for a theme and specific dress code. If you’re planning on this, let your guests know well in advance so they have time to plan their outfits accordingly. Food, decorations, and music will all play into the atmosphere of your event, so it’s worth considering what’s appropriate (hint: profanity-heavy rap music at a corporate launch event is probably not appropriate).  

The Safety

A beautiful summers’ day on a boat can also mean the hot sun beating on guests who are heavy-handed with their champagne, and we all know how that ends. When it comes to a boat party, one part of the food and drinks planning is very important – hydration and full stomachs. Consider enlisting a responsible person to hand out glasses of water and perhaps some carb-heavy canapes to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time. Don’t forget to check that everyone is wearing sunscreen, too.

The Guests 

Confirming attendance early and being strict on RSVPs will make budgeting and planning much easier, but your guest list doesn’t stop at numbers. Do your guests have dietary requirements you need to consider when selecting food options? Most likely. Does anyone on your list have mobility restrictions? How about any serious medical conditions? Confirming these things before the day will make sure everything runs smoothly, and that everyone feels included and appreciated. 

The Memories

It’s one thing to take a few snaps for Instagram, but the popularity of photo booths at weddings says one thing – guests love to participate in creating memories. Consider an in-theme frame or backdrop for your guests to have a little photoshoot, or go old school and leave a few polaroid cameras scattered around the venue. They’ll be thanking you later. 

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The Day Of

With your advance planning out of the way, it’s also important to pay attention on the day to ensure everyone is having a great time. To be a super host, look out for guests who may not know anyone, and include them in conversations or introduce them to new people. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! After all the organising, you deserve it. 

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