Why Is It a Good Idea to Celebrate the End of Quarter on a Boat

Team morale is critical to the success of a company; this much is undeniable. More and more evidence is showing that companies with happy and appreciated employees have lower turnover rates, less absenteeism, and most importantly, significantly higher profits. 

But how can you show your team a little love and see these results for yourself? Celebrating milestones can increase morale and loyalty throughout the year, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a good old fashioned boat party. 

Recognising the little wins

The annual Christmas party is, of course, the traditional way to show thanks to your team for their hard work throughout the year. But what about the smaller victories? By taking time to celebrate business milestones, employees will feel appreciated and valued. The Forbes Agency Council says “workers appreciate public recognition for their wins. A simple “great job!” or “thanks for the hard work!” can be enough to encourage employees and make them feel appreciated”. Additionally, “build a sense of pride in your company, and people will keep pushing”. An event like a fun boat party is a simple way to show your appreciation by rewarding your team with a fun and relaxing day out. Not only this, but it will help them to relax and bond with each other in a carefree environment. 

Divide by Four

A simple milestone to acknowledge with your crew is the end of financial quarter – an opportunity to reflect on recent performance, become closer as a team, and look to the next quarter with a view for short-term goals. As the next end of quarter approaches soon, prepare to encourage and appreciate your team with a gathering to inject some feel-good vibes into the business. 

Why on a boat? 

The allure of a floating venue is cool enough on its own, but there are plenty of benefits to holding a workplace event waterside. Not only is it a unique experience (there’s only so many escape rooms one can bear), but the sunshine and outdoors is proven to make people healthier and happier. Cruising around the harbor will put your employees in a good mood, and feeling refreshed for the next week at work.  

How exactly can we celebrate on a boat?   

A Gallup survey showed the number one most memorable ways for employees to be recognized was public acknowledgement. On board the vessel, you can hand out awards for certain achievements to help hard-working employees feel valued for their work over the quarter. This can be done in a serious manner or in a silly and humorous awards ceremony, depending on your company culture. 

For a more team-driven approach, gather your employees and ask everyone to share a success they had this quarter or recognize one in a co-worker. Why not arrange your awards to be nominated by peers? 

Alternatively (or additionally), you can present employees with a challenge for the next quarter to encourage goal-setting in a fun and competitive manner.

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